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An important announcement about STORY 2021:

We were hopeful that this was the year that we would finally see your smiling faces once again, in-person, but we cannot ignore what’s happening everywhere in the US with the Delta variant.

We took all the precautions that we felt necessary to host an incredible, in-person, gathering this September by limiting tickets, rethinking seating, and having a vaccinated team ready to guide your journey.

But then, the dial began to turn backwards. We are absolutely not willing to put anyone (or their co-workers and loved ones) at risk, even if that risk is slight. Based on overwhelming feedback from existing ticket holders, these last few of weeks have revealed that STORY 2021, as we imagined it, simply cannot happen in-person. We are fully aware of how frustrating that is for so many, and it is at least equally as frustrating for our team.

Because STORY 2021 was designed as an immersive, in-person experience first, we have made the difficult decision to postpone, rather than pivot. Instead of pivoting the experience we had designed and make it virtual, the entire event is postponed until September 22-23, 2022.

In short, STORY 2021 is now STORY 2022.

If you already had a ticket, your ticket has already been moved to next year. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Learn more by watching the livestream recording from STORY producer and curator, Harris III, at the top of this page.

While this news is disappointing, there is good news...

On Friday, September 24th, the STORY community will still be gathering from around the world for a virtual, one-day intensive called "Better." In this challenging season, we've decided to invest in your life and your work as a storyteller by making this event completely FREE.

The world needs you and the stories you tell now more than ever. Our hope is that this free event allows everyone the opportunity to join us, and introduces the beauty of the STORY community to new storytellers from around the world.

With 8 interactive training sessions and inspirational talks from 9 mainstage speakers, this one-day event will prepare and empower you to create a better future, do better work, and be better together.

Click here to learn more and register now for free!

September 24, 2021

A Free One-Day Virtual Intensive for Storytellers

Whether you are a freelance artist, a creator, or a leader, gain the practical skill sets you need to fully harness the power of stories—as taught by some of the greatest storytellers and problem solvers of our time.

Interactive training sessions and inspirational talks will prepare and empower you to create a better future, do better work, and be better together.


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