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STORY is an uncommon creative community for storytellers, artists and dreamers who believe that stories matter. Members of the STORY tribe have a natural bent towards impacting and influencing the cultures in which they live, work, and play. We are not just about telling stories for the sake of entertainment, but we understand that great stories are what influences the minds and hearts of others, and ultimately, change the world.

Our flagship event is a two day conference-style gathering for makers, creators, and artists who tell stories in a variety of mediums, industries, and settings. From canvas and screens to classrooms and stages, STORY is for storytellers of all kinds. Part instruction, part inspiration, you’ll be challenged and stretched by innovative talks and unique performances. You’ll meet new friends and connect with leading creative practitioners, but even more, you’ll be challenged to become a better storyteller.

We believe in this event so much, that we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get there. Use the coupon code "WEARESTORY" to get $100 off of your ticket at

Are you a designer? Want to come to STORY 2017 for free? We would love to see these words in poster form, so we are hosting a design contest. Check out how to enter here.

Local Gatherings

A night to be inspired and challenged in community as elite members of the creative class.


Where inspiration meets perspiration. Get the practical tools and training you need to create your best work.

Annual Gathering

Get the latest on the STORY annual conference. Tickets for STORY 2017 are now available.