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What do you really want? What are you capable of?

Story Coaching for Creatives/Artists

Story Coaching is a 4-month group coaching program for anyone from the STORY community looking to explore what they're capable of and create exponential results.

What is Story Coaching?

Why are some of the most well-known artists, performers, business owners and founders hiring coaches?

You can’t do surgery on yourself.

Watch this short video of Janet Wood (Executive Coach) interviewing Ryan Swartz (a participant of Story Coaching last year):

Story Coaching is small group coaching for STORY attendees post-conference for four months, led by an Executive Coach from Novus Global.

Sign up and you will be placed in a group with six other STORY attendees which will create an intimate experience with other people going after their goals with a coach that is there specifically to advocate for you to create the life and results of your dreams.

When you sign up for Story Coaching, you will receive:

  • COMMUNITY: Group coaching with 6 people (total) who just came off of the amazing Story Gathering experience
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: 1 on 1 time with a coach plus your own project page that both you and your coach will have access to to keep track of your commitments
  • TRANSFORMATION: Explore mindsets and blindspots that may be holding you back from creating powerful results
  • TOOLS: Each week you be given tools to help you get out of your own way and get unstuck
  • RESULTS: Your coach will help you get crystal clear about what you’re going after to make sure you get an ROI from your time
  • TIME: You will receive 3 sessions per month (each session is 75 minutes long) with your group and your coach over a Zoom video call, meaning you can call in from anywhere in the world.

"Coaching isn't about fixing what's wrong, it's about exploring what you're capable of."


Novus Global coaches have worked with professional athletes, Fortune 500 teams & leaders, award winning artists, influencers & creatives, and now YOU have an opportunity to work with one because of our partnership.

Our Agreement Together


I will champion you in ways that no one has ever championed you before.

I will challenge you in ways that no one has ever challenged you before.

I will ask you the tough questions that people rarely discuss to get at the core of who you are as a person.
For example:

What future is truly worth going after for you? What future are you willing to struggle and sacrifice for? What are some areas where you have given up? How are you getting in your own way? What are you capable of? Where are you underestimating yourself, underperforming, or holding back?)

I will invite you to set impossible goals and ask you “Who will you need to be in order to achieve this goal?”

I will help you gain clarity regarding how you are getting in your own way and then strategize with you how to get out of your own way.

I will hold space for you to keep yourself accountable to your commitments.

I will assist you in upgrading the quality of your questions.

I will care about your integrity more than anyone has ever cared about it before.


You will live in integrity.

You will show up to the session believing that the coaching session is one of the most important times during your week – an opportunity for you to become fully who you are at your core and create unprecedented results.

You realize that max value = full participation.

You take responsibility for your experience and results in the coaching process.

You take full responsibility to bring the value to the coaching session and are constantly thinking of new ways to create more value in the session.

You show up to the session on time (within 60 seconds of scheduled time), fully ready to go, in a location that is free of distraction and enables full focus.

You put in the work on their end to create a clear, measurable vision and are aware of and connected to the gap between current reality and your vision.

Your vision has components that currently occur as “impossible” to you.

You set clear commitments and follow through fully on commitments.

You love honest feedback.

"Create goals where you're fully committed to pay the price to reinvent yourself to accomplish the impossible."


Your Investment

Joining one of these groups means that you understand that...


So, here are some ways to know if Story Coaching IS NOT right for you:

  • If you think it’s the coach’s job to tell you what to do
  • If you’re committed to being defensive during feedback
  • If you blame your problems on external circumstances
  • If you don’t want to get clear on what you want out of the coaching
  • If you do not want to have a vision that requires you to grow to accomplish it
  • If you are unwilling to be vulnerable and explore your weaknesses
  • If you are not open to new ways of looking at a situation that you’re currently sure you’re right about
  • If you are unwilling to experiment with new behaviors
  • If you are unwilling to stay with new behaviors
  • If you’re not willing to suffer for the results you want to create
  • If you’re not excited about exploring generosity or leaving a positive impact in the world

4 months of coaching with a Novus Global executive coach will typically cost you close to $8000 or more.

Because you’re a part of the STORY community and attended STORY this year, we have found a way to provide a life changing coaching experience for you for only $1399 for 4 months!

We don’t want price to be a reason that you don’t get to have this incredible experience, so we’re offering a FULL REFUND after the experience if you’re not fully satisfied. As long as you attend every session and keep all your commitments, if you aren’t fully satisfied with the results, you will get 100% of your money back! This offer with Novus Global exists ONLY for this Story Coaching experience and for STORY participants.

All you have to do is pay $99 today to reserve your spot and you’ll be contacted by a Novus Global coach to set you up in a group.

Are You Ready?

Want to write that book? Launch your business? Start that podcast? Write that TED Talk? Make more money? Launch that app?

Explore what you're capable of and create exponential results.

Click below and answer a few questions to hold your spot — spots are limited to 100 people from the conference!

"Choose environments that demand your growth."