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"I went into the coaching experience honestly with a little skepticism. My time spent coaching with Jon turned out to be unexpectedly practical, challenging, and life-changingly effective."

Dave Coleman

Digital Artist

“Janet kicks your ass in a way we all need, and if you rise up to the challenge 100%, you will absolutely walk away with the confidence, vision, and action plan to fulfill your goals.”

Mai Koythong

Senior Writer, Riot Games

"My time coaching with Amanda was packed with discoveries and paradigm shifts that have catapulted my life in a powerful direction. I now know how to define my ideal ‘level 10 life’ and even better, I know how to get there.”

Courtney Roberts

Director of Marketing, The Giving Keys

Create lives, teams and companies that go beyond high performance.

STORY is proud to partner with Novus Global to offer the unique opportunity for the STORY community to receive coaching in a group or individual setting. This elite firm has helped great leaders and companies do what’s necessary to take new ground. Through Novus Global’s customized, practical, and results-driven process they have helped teams achieve unprecedented results. In fact, STORY would not exist as it does today without the help of Novus Global.

"Coaching isn't about fixing what's wrong, it's about exploring what you're capable of."

- Jason Jaggard

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