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How To Get Maximum Value Out of Your Next Conference Experience

A Free 3-Part Webinar Series

Webinar #1: 9/4 @ 11:30am CT [Replay]
Webinar #2: 9/11 @ 11:00am CT [Replay]
Webinar #3: 9/25 @ 12:00pm CT

Free Webinar Series with Jason Jaggard
Executive Coach & STORY Presenter

How many times have you attended an event, workshop or conference and walked away unsure of what the tangible takeaways were? Or perhaps you forgot everything that you learned the very next week. What if you knew that you had the power to create a ROI that you would be ecstatic about?

In this free 3-part webinar series with executive coach Jason Jaggard you'll learn how to get maximum value out of any conference experience... just in time to help make your STORY 2019 experience even more meaningful and memorable.

Jason Jaggard

Jason Jaggard is the founder of Novus Global, a tribe of elite executive coaches who work with Fortune 500 Companies, Professional Athletes, World Renowned Artists and Multimillionaire Business Leaders to create lives, teams and companies that go beyond high performance.

He is also the cofounder of The Meta Performance Institute for Coaching, a 12-month executive coaching certification that trains individuals to develop coaching practices that serve high performing leaders.

His first book, “Spark: Transform Your World One Small Risk at a Time” is available wherever books are sold. Jason lives in Los Angeles, CA, and 2019 will be his 4th consecutive year playing an integral role in the STORY experience.


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