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How to Paint Your Life in Color

Written by Kellyn Robison

How to Paint Your Life in Color

As 2016 comes to a close, many of us will be reflecting on what this year has brought us.

Heartache? Excitement? Love? Anxiety?

Maybe it was a little bit of all of those things. No matter what happened in 2016, the colors of this year have painted us. We will walk into 2017 with the remnants of this year’s happenings embellished on our souls, whether we want to or not.

As creatives, soul care is important. At STORY, we believe that we create from our spirit, and if we don’t take time to rest, reflect, and to be inspired we won’t be able to do our best work.

That is why we wanted to share this talk from #STORY2016 with you. Hank Fortener closed out STORY with a powerful and creative presentation¬†about how we can’t delete things from our lives. We paint each other through our interactions and we in turn carry those emotions with us and paint everything we touch.

“You (as creatives) have found a way to make your passion, also your business – a very rare and high echelon of humanity. And now that responsibility¬†comes down to one question: What color will you paint your world? How will you use the power that you have to color that they need?”

Listen to this inspirational talk as we reflect on how we have been marked. Let’s walk into 2017 carrying our colors proudly, understanding ourselves a bit better, and knowing that we are a creating stories that are worth sharing.
Kellyn Robison

VP of Everything at Istoria Collective.