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STORY 2016 through the lens of Casey Neistat

Harris III
Written by Harris III

STORY 2016 through the lens of Casey Neistat

It’s hard to believe that #STORY2016 has come to an end. I hope that you guys were inspired as much as I was.  My head is still spinning with so many incredible things that were heard and seen over the last 72 hours.

In the meantime, take a few minutes to relive a few moments of Casey’s time with us in Nashville through the vlog he posted this morning. Casey just reached the 5 million subscriber mark on YouTube, and it happened while he was on stage with us at STORY. How cool is that?!

“If you want to be a better writer, go get some real life experiences to draw from & share stories.”

Casey is no doubt living a life worth sharing, and we are so honored that he came to share with us.

So what you will you be sharing? What door will you be stepping through and what dream will you dare to live out?

I can’t wait to hear about what steps you will be taking over the next few months and what you will be creating. Your art matters, your stories matter, and it’s a huge honor to serve this community in an effort to inspire you to keep creating.

Registration is now open for #STORY2017. If you weren’t able to register on-site yesterday, you can lock in the best rate available here:

More exciting news soon,


Harris III
Harris III

Director and curator of STORY.