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The Effect of Comparison in the Creative Community

The Effect of Comparison in the Creative Community

Communicator and spoken word poet, Micah Bournes performs a couple of pieces of his beautiful poetry and talks about the effect of comparison in the creative community. He talks about both sides of comparison, being judged and judging others and the effect that it will have on your art. Micah discusses overcoming those actions in order to faithfully create.

This presentation was given at STORY 2016 at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN.

Full transcript of “Until Tomorrow”:

We are proud to be storytellers

But there was a time when we were considered fools

When only birds could fly

and the earth was flat

When Hip Hop and Jazz

were not considered music

When Black and Brown

were not considered human

When humans could not walk on the moon

When pictures could not move

When women could not vote

When we could not share a meal

unless we shared a skin tone

Yes, we were there

way back then

being mocked and dismissed by most

But we never were ashamed

We never stayed quiet

We were there

Telling stories of a day when impossible

things would be daily routines

Today’s common sense

was yesterday’s absurdity

Yet, here we are

Flying on airplanes

Walking on moons

Watching moving pictures

in multiple dimensions

Voting FOR women

Listening to MCs flow rivers of words

over Jazz beats

Having meals

and children with

lovers from other cultures

Yes, here we are


still considered fools

being mocked and dismissed by most

but we never are ashamed

We never stay quiet

Here we are

Telling stories of a day when impossible things

will be daily routines

Today’s absurdity will be

tomorrow’s common sense

And we’ll be there

With more stories to be told

more voices to be heard

More nevers becoming everydays

We’ll be there

When creative things are not considered electives

but core to the education of human beings

When developing your creativity is a responsible thing

and working a passionless job to get rich is a silly dream

We’ll be there

When art is taken down from its ivory tower

consumed less like caviar and more like bread and water

We’ll be there

When artists are not starving

When humans are not starving

When being White is not a privilege and being Black is not a curse

When we love Mother Earth like a mother

instead of only taking from her

We’ll be there

When our fantasies become common sense

And even then

we will speak of impossible things

The only hope we have are the stories we tell

Stories not bound by what is possible

By what is dead

We walk on water

We resurrect

They laughed us to death

but here we are

Humming fools

Unashamed of hope

Our stories are future

Our stories ARE foolish

Only until tomorrow  

– Micah Bournes