Story Gatherings | Nashville, Tennessee


Written by Kellyn Robison


During September of 2016, storytellers and artists from all over flooded the CMA Theater inside of the Country Music Hall of Fame for STORY. Some of them were return attendees, while others entered the doors out of pure curiosity.

One of those first-time STORY attendees was Louis Richardson, Chief Storyteller at IBM’s Watson.

Without a doubt, STORY 2016 was the most impactful conference I have ever attended. Some conferences have great topics and speakers. Others have great venues. Some are a showplace for the atmosphere of sets, music and themes. While some are just a unique gathering of characters that you don’t want to miss. STORY has all of this.

If you’ve attended STORY, then you understand what Louis means. You know that STORY holds a unique mix of instruction, inspiration, whimsy, practical and unexpected outcomes. But explaining that to someone who has yet to experience this can be difficult.

I’ve found a booster shot. While people say things like this as an exaggerated superlative, those two days changed my life.

After getting to know Louis over the last year, we are so excited that he will be presenting at #STORY2017.  We can’t wait to learn from him about how technology is intersecting with art and how we might be able to leverage it to take our work to the next level.

Go to their website. Be curious. Look around and see what you can discover. And don’t let the low-ticket price fool you. Most of the corporate events I attend have prices 4 and 5 times that of Story. But those are playing to the senior executive at large organizations with a deep budget. I deeply appreciate Story’s love for the art and craft which drives them to make sure even the individual storyteller has the opportunity to attend.

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Kellyn Robison

VP of Everything at Istoria Collective.