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How to Find Your Voice & Use It

with Jim Krueger

New York Times Best-Selling Author and Former Creative Director at Marvel Studios



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STORY presents Jim Krueger

How to find your voice and use it.

What is your voice? What does it mean to “find your voice?”

Clearly defined, your voice  is “The distinctive personality, style or point of view of your storytelling.”

In other words, it is the very thing that makes a story worth telling -- the reason you have become a storyteller. It's the necessary ingredient to beginning and finishing any book, script or project.

But how is it found? And once found, how is it developed? And how is it kept? And how is it the key to becoming the storyteller you want to become?

It begins with a magic word, the first word so many of us learn. But in this case, it’s not negative. Finding your voice means embracing the power of the word, “No.” It is the key to everything you will do including generating enough passion necessary to not leave the unwritten page blank for long. 

Knowing your voice is the basis of generating ideas. It’s the key to choosing which stories you want to tell.  And not only that, but which stories you will finish. 

Your Voice determines your story’s structure and how you receive notes and approach the editing process.

In other words, your voice determines every aspect of being a storyteller.

During this full-day workshop you will learn:

  • How to find your voice.
  • How to shape your voice into a story.
  • How to get people's attention with your story.
  • How to know which project to pursue with your voice.
  • And so much more!

Jim Krueger is an award-winning filmmaker, New York Times best-selling author, copy-writer, video game developer and comic book writer. He is quite literally one of the best storytellers we’ve ever met. He’s worked on everything from the X-Men to Batman and Superman to the Avengers, Star Wars, and the Justice League of America. Because of his curiosity about comic books and stories, he developed two new comic book formats, both which were later utilized by DC and Marvel. Creators dream of doing work with one of their industries leading brands—like DC. Or Marvel. Jim’s formats were utilized by both. (No big deal, right?)

He is a former Creative Director at Marvel Entertainment Group. We aren’t sure we need to say much more than that.


March 24 \ 9am-4pm CST

Chicago, IL
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